About Us

Enjoy Fitness is a physical health and wellness company founded by three young entrepreneurs in Seattle, Washington. Each founder has their own reason for joining, but overall, each one is focused on one thing: bringing enjoyment back into fitness.

Enjoy was started when one of the founders noticed a flaw with the industries competitors: overpriced products and a monopoly on fitness recovery items. In short, the founders realized that customers are forced to spend an absurd amount of money that should only cost a fraction of the price. After careful research and months of planning, Enjoy was put into action. Many products were made and tested, and eventually one was found that was aesthetically pleasing, powerful, and most importantly affordable.

We at Enjoy understand how frustrating it is to have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy the latest recovery gear, and also how dissatisfying it is to buy old models that don’t work properly. Being in the unstable times that we are, we believe that companies should be finding affordable ways to give consumers the same quality products. We have blended quality and innovation with affordability.

 Enjoy was not created for the founders. Enjoy was created for you.


The Enjoy Team